What’s Been Going On…

My apologies for not being too active around here. Truthfully, I’ve been a bit busy juggling jobs and spending time at home with our new dog! Meet Birdie…

What's Been Going On Lately... | wanderlings

What's Been Going On Lately... | wanderlings

I rescued this little lady from the Dallas Animal Shelter on October 24 and our lives haven’t been the same since. I grew up with tons of dogs and it always bothered me that I haven’t lived with once since graduating high school, but I think we had to get our jobs/living situations in order before making such a big decision. She’s definitely our little couch potato/partner in crime.  What's Been Going On Lately... | wanderlings So now if you’ll excuse me, I have to Scotch Guard all of my clothes and check my bedsheets for any misplaced bones.



moody bedroom stylings

This fall/winter, I’m especially loving moody florals, pale pinks and celestial-inspired pieces. Now that we’re starting to pull together some ideas for the new bedroom, I’m loving darker colors and soft textures to really make this room a relaxing place.

At first, I was a little overwhelmed with the look that I wanted for the room… it’s pretty hard to know where to start! I know what I like, but when it comes to a tasteful execution, it can be tricky. Instead of bookmarking a ton of stuff and wondering where to put it all, I decided to start with an accent piece first and then style around that. Our furniture in the bedroom is pretty minimal, so I decided on an accent chair. I found an awesome selection on Chairish and decided on this jewel-toned beauty. To expand on the metallic accents and shape, I wanted to balance it out with some soft florals and basics with an industrial edge. Here’s what I came up with so far…
Moody Bedroom Stylings | Wanderlings

Arrangement via Ashley and Malone | Reflection Hand Mirror | Rose Quartz | John Derian Rose Dish | Cloche Table Lamp | Incense Holder | Teakwood & Tobacco Candle | Chairish Purple Channel Back Wing Chair

I love applying my makeup in our bedroom—the lighting is great. I love this hand mirror because it’s so different than other hand mirrors that I’ve seen. I know Mark wouldn’t be opposed to having this hand mirror on our dresser.

I’ve already taken some simple steps to change the vibes in our bedroom, but adding some rose quartz has been the best choice so far. I love that it represents love and friendship, and it also adds some great texture to our bedside tables.  continue reading


mood music

Instead of staying true to my day off ritual of vegging out on the couch with Netflix all day, I’ve started compiling a to-listen list of new (to me) tunes. I usually stick to nostalgic music that I’ve loved for years, but hearing a new song here and there on my favorite station lately has really inspired me to open my ears a bit more. Here’s what I’ve been especially loving lately…

Mood Music | wanderlings

Alvvays’ self-titled album sounds nostalgic and gritty. These songs break my heart, but don’t leave me feeling depressed—it’s a feeling that I know all too well, but doesn’t hurt to revisit. Favorite verse? “Honey, take me by the hand, and we can sign some papers / Forget the invitations, floral arrangements, and breadmakers…

Karen O’s Crush Songs reminds me of all of the times I blasted the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ albums in my car, and had a moment with the track “Modern Romance”. It’s quiet, quick and lo-fi. Favorite verse? “Let me go on the / Show, I can cough / I can choke / On this kind of smoke…

I’ve always had a soft spot for Real Estate since I heard Days. If you’re looking for a good album to zone out and work to, this is definitely it. It’s so smooth and pleasant! Favorite verse? “Just over the horizon / That’s where I always think you’ll be / It’s always so surprising / To find you right there next to me…

I died when I heard that Jenny Lewis released a new album, and I died again when I heard it. I’ve been hearing her single “Just One Of The Guys” everywhere! And as catchy as that song is, really listening to the lyrics gives me that same heartache that I experienced with Rilo Kiley and her work with the Watson Twins. Favorite verse? “There’s only one difference between you and me / When I look at myself, all I can see / I’m just another lady without a baby…

What have you been listening to lately?



Summer is coming to a close and between job stuff, moving stuff and catching up with friends, I’m ready for anything and everything. Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to lately, via Instagam…  Allison Wheeler on Instagram

Friend dates with Moscow Mules and great conversation are just the best. And a cheese plate is alright, too.
Allison Wheeler on Instagram

Seriously considering turning my restaurant budget into a ‘fresh flowers for the apartment’ budget. What do you think? Allison Wheeler on Instagram

These Hypnotic Donuts are just the best… Blueberry cake, please! Allison Wheeler on Instagram After spending a sick day at home, I’m ready to get things done this week.

What have you been up to lately?


product review: nexxus color assure

Product Review: Nexxus Color Assure

It can be really tough to keep my dark hair from looking dull and uneven. Although I have naturally dark hair, spending a lot of time outdoors can result in this lighter, brassy color that tends to pop up every summer. (And now I have those pesky grays to worry about… ugh.) I’m always down to try a good color-safe treatment, so I jumped at the chance to review Nexxus’ Color Assure treatment. This Color Assure collection contains four products: a pre-wash primer, sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner and a glossing tonic. continue reading


an accidental moodboard

I love scrolling through my pins and likes and finding accidental moodboards. Without even thinking about it, I’ll find colors and patterns in smaller clusters, right next to my workout pins and recipes. Does this ever happen to you? An Accidental Moodboard | wanderlings

 From top left to bottom right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


A Quick Fall Wishlist

It’s so hard to believe that fall is just around the corner. So instead of lamenting the soon-to-be-closed pool (who am I kidding… it’s Texas, we have a couple more months), I’m already adding cozy slippers, dainty jewelry and pale pink pieces to my fall wishlist.
A Fall Wishlist... | Wanderlings I’m on a hunt for my perfect nude lipstick, but until then, I’m veering away from my summer oranges and reds and opting for a neutral peachy tone, like Ilia’s In My Room.

This celestial-inspired obsession has reached a new high, people. I’m adding moon and star pieces to my wishlist like nobody’s business, starting with this romantic Moon & Star Earring.

Living in Texas, I am stuck wearing my contacts until the heat and humidity settle down a bit. But once it cools off, I’m always in my glasses. These frames would be perfect for fall, don’t you think? I can totally picture them with some ankle boots and a chunky sweater.

I’m not exactly a slippers kind of gal, opting for sliding around my hardwood on socks, but these slippers just seem to get me. Or maybe I’m just getting older… Either way, my feet need these.

I used to wear tons of neutrals and grays on my nails every fall/winter, but I think I’ll be adding a little more color to my sallow complexion this year. I’m loving this shimmery neutral shade.

This ring is currently #1 on my Treat Yourself list. Absolutely gorgeous.

I don’t own a single pair of rain boots, and every time it gets cold and rainy, I end up sacrificing a pair of my flats to the rainy (and later smelly) shoe gods. Not this year, folks. These Ted Baker rain boots are calling my name, and this cooler floral print would be a perfect accent in a sea of chunky sweaters and neutral shades.

I’ve fully embraced pale pinks as my new neutral. No more black and brown bags for a while… I’ll be donning this neutral shade that goes with anything.

What’s on your fall wishlist?


moodboard / flowers in her hair

One of my favorite childhood memories is walking through the woods near my family home. I’d grab fistfuls of honeysuckle and pick wildflowers to place behind my ears. It’s really no surprise that I’m a huge fan of floral accessories—they’re so nostalgic.

moodboard / flowers in her hair | wanderlings

moodboard / flowers in her hair | wanderlings

moodboard / flowers in her hair | wanderlings

moodboard / flowers in her hair | wanderlings

moodboard / flowers in her hair | wanderlings

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