10 Etsy Shops I’m Absolutely Loving

I love finding new-to-me Etsy shops—it always feels like I’m in on some kind of secret or something! Most of the prints in our home are from Etsy, along with some of my favorite jewelry pieces. Truthfully, it’s probably where I shop the most! Here are some of my absolute favorite shops: 10 Etsy Shops I'm Absolutely Loving | wanderlings

I saw some Banquet prints at one of my favorite local print shops, so when I found their Etsy shop and browsed through their selection I fell in love! I love this Neon Heart print—it’d be perfect for an office or nursery.  10 Etsy Shops I'm Absolutely Loving | wanderlings

Keeping up with my favorite midi rings and studs can be a little tough—I’ve already lost one of my favorite rings. This adorable ring dish from Confetti Riot would be a perfect way to keep up with those delicate pieces.  10 Etsy Shops I'm Absolutely Loving | wanderlings I tend to keep my hairstyle pretty simple, so accessorizing and switching things up with a bobbi pin or headband is a good low-maintenance option for me. I love RumRaisinA‘s turbans and headbands—don’t they just make you want to lounge by the pool or spend some serious time out in the sunshine? continue reading



lately... | wanderlings

Attention everyone: I’ve turned into one of those people who is obsessed with their pet! Exhibit A: her name patch on my denim jacket. Who owns who, indeed…  lately... | wanderlings A drive-thru breakfast always tastes better on cute plates. 
lately... | wanderlings


I’m obsessed with my new heart tote—you can bet I’ll be carrying this pup way past Valentine’s Day…  continue reading

what to pack in your carry-on for every vacation

I couldn’t believe it when my boyfriend’s parents surprised us with a trip to Europe this summer. I’ve always wanted to travel but due to finances, (previously non-existent) vacation time at work and that serious fear of flying and water, I’ve previously dismissed it as a pipe dream. Not this time! I’m already getting everything sorted out for my passport and organizing my flight must-haves. Here’s what I’ll definitely be taking with me for the flight… what to pack in your carry-on for every vacation...

A carry-on to keep you organized

It’s crucial to have a great carry-on bag to keep you organized. I’m admittedly still on the hunt for a good carry-on, but I think I’m going to be sold on Lo & Son’s O.G. bag. There’s a padded laptop compartment, a pocket for tablet or work documents, front pockets for easy-to-access to essentials, a side pocket for carrying an extra pair of shoes, and even a long leash for extra convenient access to keys. There’s also a back panel that allows you to slide it over luggage handles!

Travel wallet

The thought of fumbling around for that lost debit card or passport makes me sick! I recently ordered a great travel wallet to keep me organized while I’m away.

Facial spray

Flying seriously dries out my skin and just makes me feel completely gross. I’ll definitely be carrying a smaller travel-sized version of my favorite facial spray to keep me sane during the flight. continue reading


a january moodboard…

January is definitely one of my favorite months of the year (right behind October, of course). I just love the dreary weather, layers, football post-season and that it’s completely acceptable to stay under warm blankets on a day off. Here’s what’s inspiring me this month…

A January Moodboard... | Wanderlings (+)

Throwing on some comfortable ankle boots (and some thick layers, of course)…

A January Moodboard... | Wanderlings (+)

Embracing second (or third) day hair…

A January Moodboard... | Wanderlings (+)

Staying in pajamas all day on your day off…

A January Moodboard... | Wanderlings (+)

Lighting some candles and getting cozy at home…

A January Moodboard... | Wanderlings (+)

Meeting up with friends and enjoying a cold-weather cocktail

A January Moodboard... | Wanderlings (+)

And never saying no to dessert.

What’s inspiring you this month?


creative journals to keep you writing

One change I’m definitely hoping to make in 2015 is to keep a journal. While it’s nice to revisit my older blog posts or scroll through my Instagram feed, keeping a written account of goals, thoughts and daydreams is definitely something worth doing. After making a visit to Betty Lou, I returned to work with two journals in tow: My Life: An Autobiographical Journal and Carpe Diem Journal. These neat little journals are full of fun questions and different prompts and lists to keep those creative juices flowing. I don’t think I’ll have any problems keeping this New Year Change!

Here are a few creative journals that are definitely worth checking out…

Creative Journals To Keep You Writing | Wanderlings

Every Day: A Five-Year Memory BookMy Life: An Autobiographical Journal

Creative Journals To Keep You Writing | Wanderlings

Carpe Diem Journal

Creative Journals To Keep You Writing | Wanderlings

The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal: A Five-Year ProjectAll About Me

How do you keep writing despite a busy schedule?


giveaway: covergirl + rent the runway

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is almost here. What happened?! I’m excited that Mark finally has a New Years Eve off from work and the band—honestly I have no idea what we’re going to end up doing!

If we end up going somewhere nice to celebrate, I have no idea what I’m going to wear. Thankfully the nice folks at Rent the Runway have some great options for NYE. I love the idea of just renting an amazing dress without breaking the bank… I mean it will be after Christmas and all.

And I like to keep my makeup routine pretty simple for nights out—as long as I have a good lipstick, that’s all that matters. A good red lipstick is pretty much a given for NYE. I was shocked at how much I loved CoverGirl’s new Colorlicious lipstick… I’m used to red lipsticks really drying out my lips, but these are infused with shea butter so they keep your lips moisturized. They also come in 36 shades, so you’re guaranteed to find your perfect color. (Walmart.com will only list 9 available shades, but all 36 shades will be available in your local Walmart store so I recommend going in stores for a larger selection.)

Giveaway: CoverGirl + Rent The Runway

Shop my favorites: Slate & Willow Ashlee Dress, CoverGirl Colorlicious Cherry Lipstick, Ban.do Headband, Confetti Push Pop

And if you’re wanting to score your own NYE look, I’m giving away a $50 Rent The Runway gift card and a Covergirl Colorlicious lipstick of your choice! What the what?

To enter the giveaway, comment below with your favorite NYE memory. For extra entries, follow me on Pinterest and Instagram and comment below telling me that you did.

A winner will be randomly selected and announced Friday, December 20. Contest is open to U.S. residents only. The winner will be contacted by email, so be sure to provide a valid email address and keep an eye on your inbox!

Good luck!

This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks/P&G. All opinions and claims are my own. For more information, visit Walmart on Facebook, COVERGIRL on Facebook and Rent the Runway on Facebook.

Gorgeous Natural Light Inspiration

You can put a fresh coat of paint on something or install new light fixtures all over the place, but you just can’t beat natural light. My first apartment had one window. One. It’s no surprise that I never spent any time there. Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about purchasing my first home, and while I’m totally cool with a fixer-upper, it’s gotta have tons of natural light. And hardwood flooring. Here are a few photos that I’m currently obsessing over…  Gorgeous Natural Light | wanderlings


My childhood bedroom had a window right next to my bed and I loved waking up with sunshine in my eyes. I’d love to have some more windows in our current bedroom! Gorgeous Natural Light | wanderlings


There’s something about natural light that just makes everything appear so tranquil and relaxing. Doesn’t this bedroom just make you want to curl up and take a nap?  Gorgeous Natural Light | wanderlings


Confession: I’ve never had a kitchen with any windows. If we’re going to purchase a house in the near future, I must have windows in the kitchen!  Gorgeous Natural Light | wanderlings


I’m not so sure how I feel about having a ton of windows in the bathroom, but I’d love to have some stained glass or a thick sky light.  Gorgeous Natural Light | wanderlings


How gorgeous is this flooring? I love the Debbie Carlos print hanging above the bed!

What is your interior must-have when you’re looking for a new place?

5 cold brew recipes to try this week

I don’t care how warm or cold it is outside, my caffeinated drink of choice has and will always be iced coffee. I can’t believe I didn’t even start drinking it until college!  5 Cold Brew Recipes To Try This Week | wanderlings


What’s your caffeinated drink of choice?


a marfa moodboard …

Lately I’ve been dreaming about another trip to Marfa. I’ve been pretty busy with the store and the blog, so it’s nice to unplug every once and a while and spend some quality time with Mark (and Birdie!). I still think about the night skies and bright cactus flowers out there.  A Marfa Moodboard | Wanderlings (+)

A Marfa Moodboard | Wanderlings


A Marfa Moodboard | Wanderlings (+)

A Marfa Moodboard | Wanderlings (+)

 Are you planning any fun trips for 2015?


What’s Been Going On…

My apologies for not being too active around here. Truthfully, I’ve been a bit busy juggling jobs and spending time at home with our new dog! Meet Birdie…

What's Been Going On Lately... | wanderlings

What's Been Going On Lately... | wanderlings

I rescued this little lady from the Dallas Animal Shelter on October 24 and our lives haven’t been the same since. I grew up with tons of dogs and it always bothered me that I haven’t lived with once since graduating high school, but I think we had to get our jobs/living situations in order before making such a big decision. She’s definitely our little couch potato/partner in crime.  What's Been Going On Lately... | wanderlings So now if you’ll excuse me, I have to Scotch Guard all of my clothes and check my bedsheets for any misplaced bones.