lately... | wanderlings

i finally completed my first 5K last month — the color run! we had a blast, and i’m honestly still finding bits of color around my apartment. it was a messy (but amazing) run.
lately... | wanderlings

my friend olivia took me to el come taco for my birthday, and i’ve been coming back religiously ever since! i recommend the texas taco (or the jose taco if you’re a vegetarian).  lately... | wanderlings i’ve always loved this vintage signage on mockingbird and i finally got around to snapping a photo!

a little snack... | wanderlings

to put it as politely as i can, i’m a total slut for hope hummus. they recently released a new flavor, sriracha, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites. yum!

you can follow the rest of my adventures on instagram here.

what have you been up to lately?


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